About Us

Transafrica Management Development Institute (TAMADI) is registered in Zimbabwe as Tamadi Institute of Management. It is a private institution with its core business as Capacity Building, Development and Training zeroing in on Leadership (Management) Training and Development TAMADI is a result of the rebranding in 2012 of TransAfrican Management Consultants (TAMC) to include the human development identity. TransAfrican Management Consultants was registered in 1998. TAMADI was registered to broaden our focus to the capacity development needs of the whole of Africa. Fulfilling the training needs of organisations in Africa.

Tamadi was also registered in South Africa under details: 2011/062797/23 Name: Tamadi institute of Management (Pvt) Limited t/a Transafrica Management Development Institute

Date of Registration: 29 February, 2012
Registration Number: 1618/2012
Country and Registration Office: Zimbabwe, Registrar of Companies. Accreditation: Manpower Planning and Development Act. Chapter 28.02.


The Transafrican Management Development Institute (TAMADI) is a regional (professional service provider) organisation with a mandate to carry out Management Development, Management Training, Management Consultancy, Management Advisory Services and Institutional-building in order to enhance the effectiveness of organisations in the public, parastatal, private and non-governmental sectors in Africa. TAMADI intends to run programmes for the Sub-Sahara Africa


In order to attain its management excellence goals, TAMADI emphasizes the development of management skills with the relevant professional ethics. Possession of one without the other, TAMADI believes, renders one incomplete as a manager.

TAMADI’s vision is to be the leader in the development and promotion of Management excellence and proficiency in Africa.

Its mission is to assist Managers in Africa attain management excellence and proficiency most cost-effectively and gender-sensitively.

One of TAMADI’s major goal is to promote management excellence among managers in Africa.


Our client base is made up of Government departments, Parastatals, Municipalities, Non-Governmental Organisations, Civic Society Groups, Private and Public Corporations in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Malawi, Kenya (one institution), Tanzania, Mozambique Angola, Namibia.

Foreign Clients

  • Ministry of Higher Education (Kenya)
  • The President’s Office (Tanzania)
  • The President’s Office (Tanzania)
  • East Africa Community Secretariat (Tanzania)
  • The Prime minister’s Office (Namibia)
  • National Archives (Namibia)
  • Ministry of Trade and Commerce (Namibia)
  • Ministry of Defence (Zambia)
  • Zambia Oil Company (Zambia)
  • Ministry of Finance (Zambia)
  • Ministry of Finance (Treasury Department) (Malawi)
  • Ministry of Local Government (Malawi)
  • National Aids Council (Malawi)
  • Investment Promotion Council (Malawi)
  • Policy Research for Development (RAPOA)
  • Ministry of Finance (Lesotho)
  • Central Bank of Lesotho
  • Central Bank of Angola
  • Central Bank of Zambia
  • Ministry of Agriculture (Seychelles)
  • Ministry of Mines (Tanzania)
  • Lagos Water Corporation (Nigeria)
  • EKO Project (Nigeria)
  • National Roads Fund (Zambia)
  • Microfinance Support Centre Ltd (Uganda)
  • Capital Markets of Uganda
  • Energy Programme Uganda-PREEEP (GIZ Funded)
  • Private Sector Foundation (Uganda)
  • Civil Aviation Safety and Security Oversight Agency (Cassoa)
  • UN-Women (Uganda)
  • Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development (ACTED) (South Sudan)
  • International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Canada
  • CARITAS (Austria)

Clients in ZIMBABWE

  • Office of the President and Cabinet
  • Ministry of Finance and Economic Development
  • Ministry of Transport and Communication
  • Ministry of Water and Infrastructure Development
  • Ministry of Health and Child welfare
  • Ministry of Mines and Mining Development
  • Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education
  • Ministry of Industry and International Trade
  • Ministry of Environment and Tourism
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Zimbabwe Revenue Authority
  • Ministry of Education
  • Department of Agriculture Research and Extension Service
  • Ministry of Information and Publicity
  • Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprise
  • Immigration Department
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Local Government
  • Department of Metallurgy
  • Coffee Research Station
  • Veterinary Service
  • Kushinga Phikelela Training Center
  • Zimbabwe investment Center
  • Seke Teacher’s College
  • Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe
  • Department of Geological Survey
  • Zimbabwe Republic of Police
  • Research Council of Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority
  • Kutama College
  • UNDP (Funded projects)
  • The Central Statistics Office
  • European Union (Staff attached to Ministry of Finance)
  • National Railways of Zimbabwe

The formation and incorporation of TAMADI was out of the genuine desire to see Africa develop and realize its development potential. It is a fact that economic and social development is dependent on prudent management, which is dependent on human capital development and training. Africa has a critical dearth in capacity training. This partly explains why development has been lethargic and unsustainable. Training, research and capacity building becomes the missing link. As a response to these and other problems TAMADI was formed.