Welcome to TAMADI

Transafrica Management Development Institute (TAMADI) is registered in Zimbabwe as Tamadi Institute of Management. It is a private institution with its core business as Capacity Building, Development and Training zeroing in on Leadership (Management) Training and Development.TAMADI is a result of the rebranding in 2012 of TransAfrican Management Consultants (TAMC) to include the human development identity. TransAfrican Management Consultants was registered in 1998. TAMADI was registered to broaden our focus to the capacity development needs of the whole of Africa. Fulfilling the training needs of organisations in Africa. Tamadi was also registered in South Africa under registration details: 2011/062797/23.

Our objectives are:

.Provide training to Public & Private sector

.Implement community based projects

.Enhance the management of resources

. Provide applied research to all sectors

. Provide consultancy in economic research

. Develop strategies for African development

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